Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Daughter's Wedding Cake

My daughter isn't a bridezilla in the least, so when she first asked me to make her wedding cake, well, I felt honored.  Then reality set in and I knew how much work it would involve and how busy we'd be that week.  Yet, she insisted I make her wedding cake.  I tried several different ways to get out of it, but could not.  Here you will see the result of the wedding cake and the groom's cake, which I ended up making also.

Step One:
Lots of blue icing!

Step Two:
Stacking 4 layers!  Of course, she likes chocolate and Aaron likes white cake, so I made their top layer half and half.

Step Three:
Getting the icing smooth!

Step Four:
Resulting in a beautiful cake for my sweet daughter and her future hubby!

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